What is ITMEMS?

This symposium, held every four years or so, are a flagship activity of ICRI. It aims to develop and strengthen the capacities of coastal and marine managers and their partners to conserve and promote the sustainable use of coral reefs and related ecosystems. ITMEMS has been convened previously in Australia (1998), the Philippines (2003), Mexico (2006) and Guadeloupe (2011).


The goal of ITMEMS4 was to "strengthen the capacities of managers to apply evidence-based approaches, innovative technologies, and emerging science to address management challenges in the local context".

ITMEMS4 combined the exposure to practical activities with targeted training to bridge common or shared gaps in knowledge, science and experience by:

  • Encouraging knowledge exchange and cooperation;
  • Demonstrating relevant application of technology and science in management strategies and programmes;
  • Providing targeted training and skills development to facilitate uptake of available approaches and tools; and
  • Developing networks for professional development and onward learning beyond ITMEMS4